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About Us

About Us
GILLS4REEL  is a fishing company we build all of our product right here in the us 100% American made company here to bring you the best Fishing products on the market. 
GILLS4REEL Has Officially Partnered with Outdoor Water Solutions to bring you the best products for pond maintenance. Aerators whether solar, electric, or windmill powered we have it all give us a call today.
GILLS4Reel Does build and construct all size of ponds in and around the Wichita Kansas area. 

GILLS4REEL does currently have a Pro-staff membership as well as a Team Membership please contact us for more info, or apply below. 

-All our rods are made to order to be sure that we don't mass produce defects as we learn about them.-

Our Pro Staff

Corie Smith

Pro Staff

Trevor Ezell

Pro Staff

Darryl White

Pro Staff

Our Rods

Casting Rods


All rods are made with winn grips to maximize performance. ****REEL NOT INCLUDED****


Ezell Series

carbon fiber rods built and perfected by our pro-angler Trevor Ezell


Spinning rods


All rods are made with winn grips to maximize performance.


FreshWater Cat fishing Rods

Cat Wrangler

these are 2 piece carbon rods built to perfection.



tungsten football head

Chip resistant


Worm Weights

Chip resistant


Tungsten Skinny Drop shot wieghts

Chip resistant


Tungsten tear drop shot weights

Chip resistant


Tungsten Flipping Jig




Our Baits


Pond Discovery

let us come in and pull a seine minnow net to determine what we need to add or remove from your pond or lake.

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Sonar Fish Report

We will use our sonar graphs and try and determine if there is fish in the pond or lake.

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Pond and Lake Construction

let us build a perfect fish habitat for you on your property big or small we do it all!!

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Pond and Lake Management

We will help you determine a plan for your pond/lake.

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Dock Lights & Dock Packages

Windmill Aeration Systems

Electrical Aerators

Floating Pond Fountains

Solar Pond Aerators

Solar Powered Fountains

Ornamental & Backyard Windmills

Pond Products

Pro Staff Application

We are currently taking applications for the 2020 fishing season, and would love for you to apply. All Pro-Staff Applications are based off the info provided. Gills4Reel Does have the right to deny any application for any reason. Please Apply below.

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  • Wichita, Kansas, United States