Floating Pond Fountain Eco Line

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Outdoor Water Solutions is introducing our Eco line of fountains.

  • Economical to purchase and maintain
  • Economical to operate with its low amp draw
  • Eco-friendly design due to its low profile and energy efficient operation


  • 32” High-Quality Black Molded Float with UV Protection
  • ½ HP Maxis™ Pump with 100’ Power Cord
  • Each Fountain Includes 4 Different Nozzle Patterns so you can choose the Pattern you like. (Scroll down to see all four patterns).
  • Includes High-Quality Filter Basket to Protect Pump & Motor
  • Includes Timer to turn fountain off and on as desired
  • Optional 110V LED Light Kit with (3) 12 Watt LED Light Fixtures, 100’ Power Cord & Photocell Timer

Product Benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Only uses 5 running amps of 110V electricity
  • Impressive flow rates
  • Works in fresh, salt or brackish water
  • Works in both lined and natural dirt ponds
  • Only needs a minimum of 36” of water to operate


  • 2 Year Warranty on fountain pumps and timers
  • 5 Year Warranty on fountain floats
  • Note:  The 1/2hp Eco Fountain comes standard with 100’ of 14 gauge power cord.  If the total distance between the main breaker panel and the fountain is more than 150’ (including the 100’ with the fountain) then you will need to use larger gauge cord than the current 14 gauge cord or the subsequent voltage drop can cause premature motor failure and void the warranty.  Please contact us direclty if you need a larger gauge power cord.

Perfect for ponds as small as 30′ across to as large as an acre in size!  You get your choice of four different display patterns (all included at no extra charge).  Why spend $1,500 or even $2,000 for a 1/2 hp fountain when you can purchase this one for under $1,000.  Backed by Outdoor Water Solutions, one of the top companies in the pond and lake market!