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Aquashade® Aquatic Plant Growth Control is EPA registered to control aquatic plant and algae growth. Shading a pond with Aquashade will help to suppress underwater growth when applied early and maintained throughout the growing season.

AQUASHADE Liquid concentrated dyes filter sunlight and create sparkling blue water. Controls submersed weeds and algae in ponds, decorative water features, and other impounded bodies of water. Filters sunlight inhibiting photosynthesis. Gives water a crisp, clear, aqua-blue color.

Use AQUASHADE Liquid in spring and early summer before growth begins. Less effective control occurs when growth is within 2 feet of the surface.

Permits to use Aquashade may be required in certain states. Use 1 gallon of AQUASHADE Liquid to treat 1.00 acre at 4 feet deep. To apply AQUASHADE Liquid, pour directly into the water. Dyes disperse within several hours by natural water movement. The entire pond volume should be treated. Use where there is a minimal inflow and outflow of water. Additional applications will be needed at 1 to 4 week intervals as dyes are broken down by sunlight.

*Consult Label for Exact Doses, Additional Restrictions & Important Application Directions. Multiple applications may be required.


Water treated with Aquashade should not be used in water designated for human consumption. Apply the dye at a calm period during the day. If you do get some of the dye on your skin or clothing it can be easily removed with a little bleach or anything that contains some chlorine or ammonia. For your own peace of mind never store in carpeted areas as it takes a long – long – long time to get out if ever do to its concentration.

We cannot ship EPA registered Algaecides or Herbicides to the following states:

– California, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington State