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Each pack includes 12 lbs. of bacteria packaged in water soluble pouches. Our bacteria helps break down organic matter on the bottom of the pond, diminish nutrient overload and helps reduce odor to create a clean, clear & healthy pond.

This is a highly concentrated dry blend which contains cellulose enzymes, hyper cellulose producing bacteria and bacteria designed to work in cold weather to accelerate the breakdown of leaves, sediment and other accumulated dead organic waste all packaged in a barley straw base. .

  • Product is easy to apply
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for fish and plants
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Reduces most odors
  • Dissolves within 5 minutes of placing in water

Compare this product to others and you’ll find you get more for your money as we give you 12 lbs. of bacteria for a reasonable price. This is enough to treat a ¼ acre pond for the whole season!

What makes ours better than other bacteria products on the market?  First is concentration.  We use 2 Billion CFU’s per gram of bacteria.   Most other companies only use a 1B formulation to save money.  We also use a 5 way blend of microbes formulated specifically for ponds and lakes.  These strains are highly active at breaking down organic matter and are used extensively in the wastewater treatment industry.  Lastly, with our dry formulation, we can get 20-50x more active bacteria in the package than you can with a liquid bacteria product.  Ask before you purchase someone else’s product what their concentration is and how many strains of microbes they use.  Many suppliers don’t know and if they do, they won’t tell you.

Product Use Rates:

Apply 4 lbs. (8 waters soluble packets) per surface acre every 2 weeks.  For a 1/2 acre pond, you would use 2 lbs. (4 packets).  Double the initial dose and start treating once the water temperature hits 50 degrees F.  Note:  For ponds that have excessive sediment (black organic matter) on the bottom or or prone to algae, you may want to double the application rate for best results.