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Our #1 Choice for Watermeal Control – 1 lb. or 5 lbs. Container

Clipper aquatic herbicide eliminates invasive floating weeds and submerged weeds, such as duckweed and watermeal. It also treats a wide variety of algae and submerged weeds.

  • Great results in just 7-14 days
  • No pond sediment accumulation
  • No swimming or fishing restrictions

Clipper is a new Aquatic Herbicide that is completely safe for use in lakes and ponds. Clipper Aquatic Herbicide selectively controls a number of invasive and nuisance aquatic plants, including submersed plants such as hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil, curlyleaf pondweed and cabomba as well as floating plants such as duckweed, giant salvinia, water lettuce and watermeal.

The active ingredient in Clipper is 51% Flumioxazin, which works swiftly and then dissipates quickly from the water column and does not accumulate in sediment. Clipper is a water soluble granular product that is easy to apply, mix, and handle and offers reduced PPE requirements.

Use Rate:  12-16 ounces per acre for surface applications.  An aquatic surfactant like Cide-Kick is recommended.

* Cannot be shipped to California, Connecticut, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon or Washington

* Cannot be shipped to Canada