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A 3.7% granular chelated copper algaecide ideally suited for treatment of bottom growing algae including Chara and Nitella and spot treatments along docks, beaches, boat launches, and fishing areas. This formulation helps control growth before it reaches the surface. Cutrine Plus Granular is registered for use in lakes, potable water reservoirs, farm and fish ponds, fish hatcheries, and golf course water hazards. Treated water may be used for swimming, fishing, drinking, livestock watering, or irrigation immediately after treatment. Spread as evenly as possible over treatment area at a rate of 1 pound per 750 spuare feet or 60 pounds per surface acre.

Once contact is established, CUTRINE Granular begins to work immediately to break down the algaes cellular structure and interrupt the ability to photosynthesize food. Controls Planktonic Algae in 24 to 48 hours, Filamentous Algae in 3 to 4 days.

Early treatment when growth first appears or begins to create a nuisance will reduce the amount of CUTRINE granular you will need. Early treatment will also reduce the amount of dead growth.  Only treat 1/3 to 1/2 of your pond at a time to prevent oxygen depletion.

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