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Lake & Beach Rake

The Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Beach Rake is a great tool for removing algae, muck, leaves, sticks and other items from your pond or lake.  This 36″ wide aluminum rake comes with a 11′ two piece rust proof, powder coated handle, detachable float and a 50′ length of polypropylene rope.  Great for skimming floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the water.  You can also shorten the handle and remove the float, giving you a high-quality landscaping rake, excellent for dressing beach sand and shore edges.

The Lake & Beach Rake Includes:

  • 36″ Wide Aluminum Head
  • 11′ 2-piece powder coated aluminum handle
  • Detachable polyethylene float
  • 50′ of polypropylene rope
  • Snap pind handle design for easy assembly and disassembly

This item is recommended by many pond professionals as a great way to clean up pond weeds, algae, muck, leaves, tree limbs, etc.. from around the edges of your pond or lake – without having to use a lot of chemicals.

Optional 66″ extension kit available