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A granular formulation of 2,4-D which is effective on water milfoil, water stargrass, coontail, spatterdock, water lilies, and watershield. It is very effective in control of Eurasian watermilfoil, an aggressive, exotic species found throughout the U.S. This product is not for use in waters used for irrigation, agricultural sprays, watering dairy animals, or domestic water supplies. Application rates vary from 100 pounds per acre for milfoil to a maximum of 200 pounds per acre for resistant plants such as spatterdock and watershield.

Spread evenly throughout treatment area. Weeds need to be present. When applying Navigate aquatic herbicide, we recommend using a Broadcasting Spreader.  Navigate is formulated to control water milfoil, water stargrass, bladderwort, white and yellow water lily, water shield, water chestnut and coontail. Water use is restricted for non-turf irrigation and drinking (human consumption), see label for details. Active ingredient is 27.6% butoxyethyl ester of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.

Navigate pellets are effective any time susceptible weeds are actively growing. When applied in spring and early summer, less material is required, less dead weeds occur, and a longer weed free period will result.

Successful applications can be made to actively growing weeds in late summer and fall. The full effect of late season applications may not be fully evident until the following season.

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