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Premium Quality Bass Pond Feed

Outdoor Water Solutions has partnered with Optimal Fish Food company to provide you with what we believe is the best fish food on the market!  Optimal uses quality ingredients to maximize the growth of your fish and has several different products available to meet your specific needs.

With our new direct purchasing program, you can purchase bags of fresh fish food and have it shipped direclty to your door.  We know that good fish food has a limited shelf life and if you’re buying elsewhere, it may have been sitting in a hot warehouse for months.  By buying from us, your guaranteed freshly made fish food because it’s coming right off of the production line and shipping to your house with free shipping!

These are prepaid cards good for 2 (40lb.) bags of high quality bass and gamefish fish food.  It contains a minimum of 44% crude protein and at least 8% crude fat which makes it an excellent feed for weight gain.  If you want to grow large bass, stripers and other game fish, this is the way to do it. Optimal bass feed is uniquely formulated for the rapid but healthy growth of your fish.  Again, this is a high performance forage feed with premium hand selected ingredients and select micronutrients designed for maximum weight gain and fish health.

We will mail you a prepaid card good for 80 lbs. of Optimal Bass Pond Feed.  You can then redeem that card at Optimal’s website and they’ll ship you out your two bags directly to your door.  You can purchase multiple cards and redeem them all at once or every 30 days so you always have freshly made fish food.