Fish Attractors Bringing Habitat

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Ideal for providing shallow water habitat, the Root Wad creates shoreline sanctuary for fry and baitfish while providing ambush structure for cruising sport fish.

Includes: One 20” scuffed PVC trunk & Eight 46” flexible and textured composite limbs

  • Can hang from a dock or pier vertically.

  • Can also place it on the bottom of a lake or pond horizontally.

  • Manufactured in the U.S.. and made from recycled plastic, for a true “green” feel.

  • Promotes algae and phytoplankton growth.

  • Great in all depths – from 6 ft. up to 20 ft. or 30 ft.

  • Great when you combine 3 or 4 of these together and create a long-lasting brush pile of protective habitat!

  • Easy to assemble – comes with mounting cables so you can attach to your dock, pier, or concr