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ShoreKlear Plus is the same type of systemic herbicide as in the ShoreKlear, but ShoreKlear Plus has a surfactant included. This product is for use on emerged aquatic weeds and brush in aquatic and other noncrop sites. ShoreKlear Plus is effective on many species including: Alligator Weed, Cattails, Reed Canarygrass, Purple loosestrife, American Lotus, Phragmites, Spatterdock, Torpedograss, Waterhyacinth, Waterlettuce, Water Primrose, and Willows. Application rates normally range from 3.5-4.5 oz per gallon of water. Please refer to specific plant treatment rates on label.

This product is one gallon – which is enough to treat most ponds and pond edges for a year or even two.  This product can also be used to control weeds in the fenceline, around the house or just to edge around landscapes.  The active ingredient is Glyphosate with an Aquatically approved surfactant already in the mix!   No need to purchase the surfactant separately!

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