Classic Solar Pond Fountains

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If you’re looking for a fountain and don’t have ready access to power or just want to operate using solar power instead of electricity, then you need one of our new solar powered fountains.  We use a state of the art controller to convert the sun’s DC power to AC power to run the fountain.  This is a direct drive system which means it will run during the daylight hours.

  • 4 High Quality 36V Solar Panels
  • Custom Designed Panel Racking
  • State of the Art Solar Controller
  • Quick Connect Wiring to Connect Panels to Controller
  • 32” High-Quality Black Molded Float with UV Protection
  • ½ HP Maxis™ Pump with 100’ Power Cord
  • Each Fountain Includes 4 Different Nozzle Patterns so you can choose the Pattern you like. (Scroll down to see all four patterns).
  • Includes High-Quality Filter Basket to Protect Pump & Motor
Product Benefits:
  • Easy installation
  • Impressive flow rates
  • Works in fresh, salt or brackish water
  • Works in both lined and natural dirt ponds
  • Only needs a minimum of 36” of water to operate
  • 2 Year Warranty on fountain pumps and motors
  • 2 Year Warranty on the solar controller
  • 5 Year Warranty on fountain floats
  • 15 Year Warranty on solar panels

Everything is included except for two mounting poles and a bag of Quickrete.  We’ll provide the specs for the two poles to be purchased locally for installation.

Perfect for ponds as small as 30′ across to as large as an acre in size!  You get your choice of four different display patterns (all included at no extra charge).  Backed by Outdoor Water Solutions, one of the top companies in the pond and lake market!