Medium Pond Accessory Kit

  • Category: 24' Windmill Aeration System
  • SKU: PSP0072




Everything you need to accessorize your windmill for ponds 1 to 2 acres in size. This kit gives you the ability to run two airstones so you can aerate your pond in multiple areas.

Kit Includes:

  • * 150′ of 1/2″ weighted airline to keep your airline on the bottom of your pond.
  • 1 extra Airstone and foot valve.
  • A 2-way selector valve to regulate airflow between 2 airstones.
  • 1 set of OWS tower hinges to help raise and lower your windmill much easier.
  • 2 Airstone housing buckets to keep your airstones out of the mud and the “muck”.
  • 2 duck decoy markers to help you retrieve your housing bucket and airstone if ever needed.
  • Hose connectors